Intraoperative Monitoring of Hearing Function in the Removal of Cerebellopontine Angle Tumor:Auditory Brainstem Response and Cochlear Nerve Compound Action Potential Iwao YAMAKAMI 1 , Osamu USHIKUBO 1 , Yoshio UCHINO 1 , Eiichi KOBAYASHI 1 , Naokatsu SAEKI 1 , Akira YAMAURA 1 , Nobuo OKA 2 1Department of Neurosugery, Chiba University School of Medicine 2Chiba Ryogo Center Keyword: auditory brainstem response , cerebellopontine angle , cochlear nerve , evoked potential , hearing pp.275-282
Published Date 2002/3/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1436902181
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Intraoperative hearing monitoring may be the best approach for hearing preservation in the removal of cerebellopontine angle (CPA) tumors. We designed an intracranial electrode for a reliable and consistent recording of the cochlear nerve compound action potential (CNAP), and compared the efficiency of the CNAP and auditory brainstem response (ABR) while monitoring the CPA tumor removal. Simultaneous intraoperative monitoring of CNAP and ABR were performed in 7 patients with CPA tumors (5 acoustic neurinomas and 2 epidermoids) undergoing tumor removal aimed at hearing preservation.

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