Neurological Surgery No Shinkei Geka Volume 26, Issue 10 (October 1998)

A Case of Diploic Epidermoid Invading Intradurally, Which was Diagnosed by MR Diffusion-weighted Image Tohru INAGAKI 1 , Koji SAITO 1 , Tohru OKUYAMA 1 , Akira HIRANO 1 , Akira TAKAHASHI 1 , Shigeru INAMURA 1 1Kushiro Neurosurgical Hospital Keyword: diploic epidermoid , MR diffusion-weighted image pp.917-921
Published Date 1998/10/10
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A case of diploic epidermoid in the right parietal bone was presented.

A 66-year-old male was admitted to our hospital because of aphasia. Plain skull radiogram showed anosteolytic lesion in the right parietal bone. Computed tomography revealed a mass with destruction of theparietal bone extending from an inner to an outer table. The mass was shown by MR imaging as hypoin-tensity on the T1-weighted image and as hyperintensity on the T2-weighted image. The hyperintensity became more remarkable by using a diffusion technique. Based on these findings, a preoperative diagnosisof right parietal epidermoid was made. The mass was totally removed and diagnosed pathologically asepidermoid. It was concluded that diploic epidermoid invading intradurally could be differentiated fromother osteolytic tumors by using MR diffusion-weighted image.

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26巻10号 (1998年10月)
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