Neurological Surgery No Shinkei Geka Volume 10, Issue 9 (September 1982)

Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele producing Hyperprolactinemia Norio KANIE 1 , Tatsuo BANNO 1 , Masato SHIBUYA 1 1Department of Neurosurgery,Yokkaichi City Hospital Keyword: Mucocele , Sphenoid sinus , Hyperprolactinemia , Hypopituiturism , Visual disturbance pp.969-974
Published Date 1982/9/10
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Although mucoceles of the frontal and ethmoidal sinusesare not uncommon, they are found rarely in the sphenoidalsinus. Sphenoid sinus mucoceles spread most commonlyby way of least resistance, i.e., anteriorly into the naso-pharynx, or anterolaterally toward the orbit. Superior orintracranial extension is unusual. This report describessuch a case which was recently experienced.

The patient was a 55-year-old female who was admittedbecause of visual disturbance (right; blind, left:0.3),temporal hemianopsia of the left eye, and bilateral opticatrophy.

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Neurological Surgery 脳神経外科
10巻9号 (1982年9月)
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