Neurological Surgery No Shinkei Geka Volume 7, Issue 1 (January 1979)

A Study of Hypertensive Intracerebral Hemorrhage (4):Grading in Acute Phase and Surgical Indication for HICH in Basal Ganglia Akira NAKAHARA 1 , Toshihiko NISHIMUTA 1 , Naohisa MIURA 1 , Mizuo KAGAWA 1 , Koiti KITAMURA 1 1Department of Neurosurgery, Neurological Institute, Tokyo Women's Medical College Keyword: Hypertensive inrracerebral hemorrhage , Basal ganglia , Grading acute phase , Surgical indication , Spearman's coefficient , rank correlation pp.37-48
Published Date 1979/1/10
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There haven't been complete agreement with the surgical indication for hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage (HICH), and have remained the obscurity of what cases the surgery should be carried on.

The authors reported on the surgical indication for HICH, especially in the basal ganglial area, based on the study of 130 consecutive series of HICH (101 cases of the basal ganglial area; 33 cases of thalamic hemorrhage, 68 cases of putaminal hemorrhage). The age ranged from the thirties to the eighties, and the mean of age was 56.8 years old.

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Neurological Surgery 脳神経外科
7巻1号 (1979年1月)
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