Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 37, Issue 1 (February 1993)

Frontal lobes and grammatical disturbances. Hideaki ENOKIDO 1 1Department of Psychiatry, Kanazawa Medical University pp.111-118
Published Date 1993/2/10
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Kleist (1934), as well known, divided the grammatical disturbances of aphasia into agrammatism and paragrammatism, and pointed out agrammatism is originated to frontal lobe and paragrammatism to temporal lobe. Also in the every day's neurological clinic agrammatic speech is observed more often on the recovery phase of Broca's aphasia. So the close relationships between frontal lobe damage and agrammatic disorders had been focused by many aphasiologists. No cases, however, having the precise descriptions on the symptoms of agrammatism with the demarcated lesions located within frontal lobes were seen in a large body of research on agrammatism. Conversely, a variety of lesions in agrammatic patients have been pointed out by many authors. The relationships between frontal lobe damage and grammatical disturbance are reviewed and discussed based on the neuropsychological literature and the observations of our own cases, as the following titles.

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