Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 36, Issue 5 (October 1992)

The processing of Alzheimer amyloid protein precursor. Kei MARUYAMA 1 , Kazuhiko TAGAWA 2 , Shoichi ISHIURA 2 , Kazuaki YOSHIKAWA 3 1Department of Molecular Biology, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science 2Institute of Applied Microbiology, The University of Tokyo 3Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Neurosciences pp.730-740
Published Date 1992/10/10
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With the beginning of the society of an advanced age, the disorders causing dementia have aroused more interest in recent years. Among them Alzheimer's disease (AD) is now the most concerned disease, because the application of biochemical and molecular approaches has led to the identification of the gene product, which might be directly involved in the neuronal degeneration.

The major pathological hallmark of AD is the extracellular deposition of amyloid β/A4 protein (βP) as senile plaque and the intracellular formation of neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. The purification of βP) and the molecular cloning of it revealed the presence of its precursor, amyloid protein precursor (APP).

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36巻5号 (1992年10月)
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