BRAIN and NERVE Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 68, Issue 11 (November 2016)

Parietal Cortices and Body Information Eiichi Naito 1,2,3 , Kaoru Amemiya 1 , Tomoyo Morita 1,4 1Center for Information and Neural Networks, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology 2Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University 3Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University 4Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University Keyword: 頭頂葉 , 固有受容器感覚 , 身体図式 , 身体像 , ニューロイメージング , parietal cortices , proprioception , body schema , body image , neuroimaging pp.1313-1320
Published Date 2016/11/1
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Proprioceptive signals originating from skeletal muscles and joints contribute to the formation of both the human body schema and the body image. In this chapter, we introduce various types of bodily illusions that are elicited by proprioceptive inputs, and we discuss distinct functions implemented by different parietal cortices.

First, we illustrate the primary importance of the motor network in the processing of proprioceptive (kinesthetic) signals originating from muscle spindles. Next, we argue that the right inferior parietal cortex, in concert with the inferior frontal cortex (both regions connected by the inferior branch of the superior longitudinal fasciculus-SLF III), may be involved in the conscious experience of body image. Further, we hypothesize other functions of distinct parietal regions: the association between internal hand motor representation with external object representation in the left inferior parietal cortex, visuo-kinesthetic processing in the bilateral posterior parietal cortices, and the integration of somatic signals from different body parts in the higher-order somatosensory parietal cortices.

Our results indicate that a distinct parietal region, in concert with its anatomically and functionally connected frontal regions, probably plays specialized roles in the processing of body-related information.

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BRAIN and NERVE-神経研究の進歩
68巻11号 (2016年11月)
電子版ISSN 1344-8129 印刷版ISSN 1881-6096 医学書院