BRAIN and NERVE Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 67, Issue 3 (March 2015)

A Case of Representational Dysgraphia and Object Representational Disorder with Unilateral Spatial Neglect Akiko Takaiwa 1 , Sumiko Tsuneto 1 , Hirofumi Abe 3 , Satoshi Terai 2,4 , Koichi Tagawa 5 1Department of Rehabilitation, Hakujyuji Hospital 2Department of Neurology, Hakujyuji Hospital 3Sakuranooka Clinic 4Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Eikoh Hospital 5Nagao Hospital, Higher Brain Dysfunction Center Keyword: 半側空間無視 , 視覚的イメージ , 表象障害 , 表象性書字障害 , unilateral spatial neglect , visual image , representational disorder , unilateral representational dysgraphia pp.323-327
Published Date 2015/3/1
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We describe the case of a 48-year-old left-handed woman with unilateral neglect from a brain infarction in the area of the right basal ganglia and temporo-parieto-occipital lobe. When a Kanji character was dictated to her, she wrote only the right side (tukuri) of the character. When copying a picture from the visual image of a left-right asymmetrical object, such as the side view of the dog, she drew the tail and a hind leg immediately but was unable to draw a picture of the dog from the left side. We asked her to imagine going around to the opposite side of the imaginary dog and to draw it from that perspective. She easily drew the left side first, resulting in a left-right inverted picture of what she had previously drawn. She then tried to slowly visualize the missing part of her imagery, and was able to draw only the right tip of the missing part. She could not compose a complete picture of the dog. These findings suggested that the impairment was in the imaging of the left side of a character or object and that this was a case of representational dysgraphia and object representational disorder with unilateral spatial neglect.

(Received May 2, 2014; Accepted September 24, 2014; Published March 1, 2015)

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BRAIN and NERVE-神経研究の進歩
67巻3号 (2015年3月)
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