Clinical evaluation of a new automated perimeter (Topcon SBP-1000) Kae Nukina 1 , Nobue Tokieda 1 , Hiromi Murakami 1 , Mieko Nishisako 1 , Shigeharu Nishiue 1 , Kazutaka Kani 1 1Dept. of Ophthalmol., Hyogo Coll. of Med. pp.543-547
Published Date 1985/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410209416
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We evaluated a new automated perimeter for static perimetry, Topcon SBP-1000. Light-emitting diodes are mounted in a hemispherical dome and are controlled by a microcomputer system. Nine suprathreshold static programs and 4 threshold programs are available. We examined 122 patients with glaucoma, optic neuropathy, hemianopsia, retinal pigment degeneration among others with this perimeter. Manually operated Goldmann ki-netic perimeter was used for comparison.

As an overall evaluation, the use of automated perimeter resulted in a higher rate of detection of pathological visual field, particularly light-grade ones. Also, areas of depressed retinal sensitivity were judjed as severer than with kinetic perimetry. Small and/or sieve-like scotoinata were more readily de-tected. The automated perimeter was thus judged as to be of value in routine clinical use.

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