EYE-BANK PROBLEMS:Part Ⅰ. Development of the EYE-BANK in the U.S.A. Jun Tsutsui 1 , Saeko Watanabe 1 1Okayama Eye Bank Laboratory, Rosai Hospital pp.1383-1389
Published Date 1957/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410206176
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As it is the first trial in Japan to establish the eye-bank, the system and procedure of the United States eye-banks were refcred.

The purpose of the eye-bank is not only to collect and derive the eye from the donor to the surgeon but to do a research, to educate the surgeon in keratoplasty surgery and to guid a social campaign for the prevention of blindness. The eye-bank system in the United States was started in 1939 by the Down Society in San Francisco and much developed since 1944. At present,18 or more eye-banks are full in work.

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