Whole Head Measurement of Auditory Evoked Magnetic Field Using a MR-linked Helmet Shaped MEG System Nobukazu Nakasato 1 , Kaoru Seki 1 , Tsuyoshi Kawamura 1 , Satoshi Fujita 2 , Ayumu Matani 2 , Satoru Fujiwara 1 , Takashi Yoshimoto 3 1Department of Neurosurgery, Konan Hospital 2Research & Development Center 3Division of Neurosurgery, Tohoku University School of Medicine Keyword: magnetoencephalography , auditory evoked response , functional brain map , magnetic resonance image , whole head MEG pp.632-637
Published Date 1994/7/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406900656
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Authors compared MR anatomy and magnetoen-cephalographic (MEG) functional methods in locat-ing auditory cortex in 20 normal volunteers and 56 patients with intracranial structural lesions. Audi-tory evoked response was measured over the entire head, using a helmet shaped 64 channel MEG sys-tem. In each subject, three dimensional MR image was obtained with identical coordinate system of MEG. Best fit sphere to each subject's head was calculated from MRI data. Signal source of audi-tory evoked MEG was estimated using a two dipole model in the best fit sphere.

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