Seishin Igaku Volume 42, Issue 4 (April 2000)

Delusional Misidentification of the Self Toshio IWASE 1 , Ryoichi TOYOSHIMA 1 , On KATO 2 , Akinori MIZOGUCHI 3 , Toshio YAMAUCHI 1 1Department of Neuro-psychiatry, Saitama Medical School 2Department of Psychiatry, Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital 3Medical Corporation LYRE Mizoguchi Hospital Keyword: Delusional misidentification syndrome , Self , Reverse type , Capgras' syndrome , Frégoli's syndrome pp.363-371
Published Date 2000/4/15
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 Delusional misidentification syndromes of the self have been referred to as 'reverse types'. We reported three cases of reverse types of delusional misidentification syndromes, and tried to investigate the psychopathological phenomenon of 'delusional misidentification of the self'. The cases were classified into three different subtype-categories, which used a new nomenclature system of delusional misidentification syndromes proposed by Silva et al., and were as follows : syndrome of altered psychological identity of the self, syndrome of altered physical identity of the self, and syndrome of altered physical and psychological identity of the self. Two of the cases were associated with other subtypes of delusional misidentification syndromes, including Capgras' syndrome. The diagnoses of the cases were psychogenic reaction, psychosis due to psychostimulants, and schizophrenia. Using the system, it is suggested that the reverse types are etiologically different from the classic types, and the syndrome of subjective doubles is not included in the reverse types, because it does not apply to the self-object.

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42巻4号 (2000年4月)
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