A Case of Hypersensitive Pneumonitis Associated with Ultrasonic Humidifier Atsushi Kitamura 1 , Torahiko Jinta 1 , Hirokazu Ogino 1 , Hiroki Motiduki 1 , Yasuhiko Yamano 1 , Genta Ishikawa 1 , Yutaka Tomishima 1 , Naoki Nishimura 1 , Naohiko Chohnabayashi 1 1Division of Pulmonary Medicine, St. Luke's International Hospital Keyword: 過敏性肺炎 , 加湿器肺 , 誘発試験 , hypersensitivity pneumonitis , humidifier lung , provocation test pp.1074-1077
Published Date 2013/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404102349
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 A 34-year-old woman was admitted with fever and cough. Her chest radiograph and CT scan showed ground glass opacity in both lungs. She was treated with ceftriaxone and minocycline for community-acquired pneumonia. After receiving antibiotic therapy on admission, these shadows disappeared and her general condition improved. She was thus discharged from our hospital. However, after discharge, she experienced productive cough and fever and had to be admitted again. Later, we found that she was continuing to use the humidifier in her home. Thus, we suspected hypersensitive pneumonitis associated with the use of ultrasonic humidifier. An inhalation test using her humidifier provoked fever and cough, and laboratory tests showed elevation in the levels of C-reactive protein and number of white blood cells. Therefore, this patient was diagnosed with humidifier lung. After the second discharge to her home, she did not use the humidifier, and did not develop cough and fever.

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