Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 54, Issue 9 (August 2019)

Essential Points in Interpreting Barium Enema X-Ray Images in Inflammatory Disorders Seiji Shimizu 1 , Kiyoshi Ogiso 1 , Kayoko Koga 1 , Kyohei Ikeda 1 , Hirokazu Uejima 1 , Chihiro Yokomizo 1 , Hidetaka Takashima 1 , Hideo Tomioka 1 1Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Osaka General Hospital of West Japan Railway Company, Osaka, Japan Keyword: 注腸X線造影検査 , 炎症性疾患 , 診断 , 内視鏡検査 pp.1283-1294
Published Date 2019/8/25
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 We describe the essential points in interpreting barium enema X-ray images in inflammatory disorders. The practice of this examination has recently been reduced in favor of endoscopy as the main modality for the diagnosis of inflammatory disorders. These modalities are considerably different—i.e., viewpoints are inside the lumen in endoscopy and outside in X-ray. The barium enema X-ray images are composed of “plains” and “contours”. “Plains” can be further distinguished into “textures”, “figures”, and “lines”. “Contours” can be visualized only using X-ray. Because various deformations of the bowel wall are expressed by changes in “contours”, X-ray is greatly advantageous compared with endoscopy for the detection of this particular finding. Representative findings include diffuse lesions, atrophic scarred areas, ulcers, protrusions, cobblestone appearance, deformations, convergences, and fistulae ; X-ray and endoscopic images of these findings are presented with explanations. A revival in barium enema X-ray use is expected to improve the diagnosis of bowel disorders.

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54巻9号 (2019年8月)
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