Low Grade Differentiated Cancer with Gastric Phenotype Arising in Helicobacter pylori-Negative Stomach, Report of a Case Yasuhiko Maruyama 1 , Kentaro Ikeya 2 , Masanobu Kageoka 1 , Akihiko Ohata 1 , Masashi Mori 1 , Teruyuki Shimura 1 , Hiroki Uozaki 1 , Masanao Kaneko 1 1Department of Gastroenterology, Fujieda Municipal General Hospital, Fujieda, Japan 2Center of Gastroenterology and IBD Research, Hamamatsu South Hospital, Hamamatsu, Japan Keyword: Helicobacter pylori陰性胃癌 , 胃型形質 , 低異型度分化型癌 , 胃型腺腫 pp.908-913
Published Date 2014/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403114180
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 Helicobacter pylori-negative gastric cancers are rare, and in many cases, they are macroscopically depressed type tumors ; histologically they can be categorized as diffuse type. Elevated lesions, which express gastric phenotype, in the non-atrophic fundic gland area have also been reported. Here we report a case of type 0-IIa early Helicobacter pylori-negative gastric cancer in the stomach. Pathological diagnosis of the case was a low-grade gastric differentiated tumor with gastric phenotype expression. It is thought that gastric tumor or adenoma with gastric phenotype expression should be taken into consideration in the differential diagnosis of the elevated lesion in non-atrophic gastric mucosa.

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