Pathological Characteristics of Early Gastric Cancer with Mixed Histological Types Yasuharu Kaizaki 1 , Osamu Hosokawa 2 , Tamon Miyanaga 3 , Kenji Dohden 3 , Masakazu Hattori 3 , Yasuo Hashizume 3 , Hiroyuki Aoyagi 4 , Naoyuki Ibe 4 , Kouji Urasaki 1 1Department of Pathology, Fukui Prefectural Hospital, Fukui, Japan 2Department of Surgery, Yokohama Sakae Kyosai Hospital, Yokohama, Japan 3Department of Surgery, Fukui Prefectural Hospital, Fukui, Japan 4Department of Gastroenterology, Fukui Prefectural Hospital, Fukui, Japan Keyword: 組織混在型 , 早期胃癌 , 分化型 , 未分化型 , リンパ節転移 pp.1539-1551
Published Date 2013/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403113962
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 We analyzed the pathological features of EGC(early gastric cancer)with mixed histological types, for mixed cancer of undifferentiated and differentiated types and/or histological types of the classification. Mixed-type cancers, in which the main histological types were differentiated and the secondary types were not limited to undifferentiated and differentiated, were mostly advanced and revealed higher rates of lymph node metastasis, in comparison with pure-type cancers consisting of a single histological type. The conditions of intramucosal cancer without lymph node metastasis discovered by using these criteria of histological type, were differentiated pure-types that do not limit the tumor size and the presence or absence of intracancerous ulcer, and undifferentiated pure-types without ulcer. A few mixed-type cancers, not limited to the secondary histological type, were recognized as having lymph node metastasis, under more stringent conditions than the endoscopic resection criteria of the guideline. It is necessary to create new criteria for indication of endoscopic surgery including these mixed histological types.

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