A Case of Spontaneous Dislodging of Polyp Cancer T. Nishikawa 1 , K. Hisamatsu 1 , Y. Takasato 1 , M. Mugikura 1 , T. Saito 1 1Dept. of Int. Med., Tokyo Medical College pp.527-531
Published Date 1974/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111825
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 An interesting case of spontaneous disappearance of polyp cancer giving an impression of spontaneous healing was experienced and was found fatal on account of liver metastasis. The patient, a 71-year-old male, was diagnosed as gastric polyp by survey examination of the old in September 1969. He attended our Institute for further investigation, and the first detailed study revealed a pedunculated polyp on the anterior wall near the mid-corpus. Gastric biopsy showed coexistence of benign adenomatous polyp and adenocarcinoma, and thus histopathological diagnosis of polyp cancer was established. Since the patient refused surgical treatment, follow-up observation was thereafter performed. Gastrocamera and biopsy were performed 6 months later with the results the same as the previous findings. But 4 months later, gastrocamera examination revealed previous of the lesion. Biopsy was performed twice from the previcous location of the lesion and the results were both negative for cancer. In August 1972, or 2 years after disappearance of the lesion, the patient developed fever, anemia and anorexia. He died from palpable tumor in the liver and ascites. Among 63 cases of benign gastric polyp experienced by us so far, there were 3 cases showing its disapperance. In the present paper, several factors concerning this spontaneous healing process are discussed as well.

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