Future Outlook for Gastric Mass Survey Kiyoshi Takahashi 1 1Dept. of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Nihon University pp.813-815
Published Date 1971/5/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111681
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 Inquiry has been made as to the reason why gastric mass survey in Japan has budded out and rooted so deeply. We have found that gastric mass survey owes its necessity to the characteristics of the Japanese people. Since it is based on their national traits, we are sure it has already taken deep root among them. Based on this conviction, we have attempted to unfold future outlook of gastric mass examination.

 Its prospect first begins with standardization of examination methods as the foreground of composition, followed by ways of breaking the bottleneck in minute examination, with subsequent adoption of electron-computer as a means of furnishing information. These pictures of outlook, all conceived as landscapes in the foreground, has been drawn only for the sake of the distant view where unification of all the fronts of gastric mass survey should by all means take place.

 Gastric mass survey has also been divided into two, the regional and the occupational, with the outlook of each further commented on, especially in connection with gastric mass survey with mobile units and that in existing institutions.

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