The Treatment of Pancreatic Cyst Tadayoshi Takemoto 1 , Masakatsu Shimada 1 , Tadasu Fuji 1 1The First Department of Internal Medicine, Yamaguchi University, School of Medicine pp.775-783
Published Date 1986/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110344
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 Thirty cases of pancreatic cyst have been encountered in our institution in the last ten years. This disease was classified into two groups, pseudocyst and true cyst. The causes of pseudocyst were post-pancreatitis in 12, traumatic in 4, and tumorous cyst in 2 cases. On the other hand, among the true cysts, 10 of them were retention type, 1 of them was congenital, and the other was a tumorous cyst. Some kind of surgical therapy were performed successfully in 14 cases of pseudocyst. In the cases true pancreatic cyst, conservative therapy was applied to the causal chronic pancreatitis in 10 cases of retention cyst, and pancreatico-duodenectomy was performed in one case of tumorous cyst. The choice of the treatment method of pancreatic cyst is not so easy because of the variety of its pathogenesis. An adequate treatment method has to be chosen not only for the pancreatic cyst itself, but also for the cause of the disease and for the complications resulting from this disease.

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