The Background of Occurrence of Gastric Ulcer from the Viewpoint of Epidemiology T. Gonoi 1 1Kenritsu Motomiya Hospital, Motomiya, Fukushima pp.765-771
Published Date 1982/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108917
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 An epidemiological research was conducted concerning occurrence of gastric ulcer. From the fact that its rate of affection remains constant in number, it was hypothesized that the cure rate and occurrence rate are on the average. Also, the natural cure rate was one month,7.5% and the occurrence rate in Japanese people was 1.84% per year. Among these, the first occurrence of ulcer was 0.24%, recurrent ulcer 1.60%, and the ratio of recurrent to occurrence rate was 87%. That is, comparing the 19.1% of natural recurrence with 10.0% of recurrent ulcer in clinical research, it was observed that clinically, one half of the recurrence of ulcer could be controlled. Moreover, considering it by age and sex groups, it was discovered that the rate of occurrence in gastric ulcer is higher in higher age groups and sex does not make any difference. This is contrary to existing findings.

 The subject of occurrence in the epidemiology of gastric ulcer is an essential area to investigated,yet much of it is still to be elucidated. Thus, further discussion is required in the future in this area.

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