Mucosal Prolapse of the Terminal End of the Ileum, Report of Four Cases Si. Nishimura 1 , Sa. Nishimura 1 , H. Iki 1 1Dept. of Radiology, Shimane Prefectural Hospital pp.495-499
Published Date 1973/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108439
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 Intusuusception of the intestine, be it acute, owing to ileus, or chronic, following the growth of intraluminal tumors, is one of the diseases not infrequently encountered in our daily practice. Recently we have come across four cases of mucosal prolapse of the terminal ileum into the cecum, leading to intussusception. It might as well be considered as a subtype of intestinal intussusception. It was all seen in male adults having abdominal complaints of one soft or another, with the ileocecal region tender to pressure. In two cases findings as in Golden's disease were observed, and the other two had right movable kidney.

 Roentgenographically, ileal intussusception is seen as a shadow defect suggesting of a tumor in the ileocecal region, but differentiation from protruding lesions in this area is not so difficult when attention is paid to the following features: In intussusception, reduction of the invaginated segment is possible; it is often encountered in the young; the shadow of the involved segment is always seen adjacent to the ileocecal valve; and the terminal end of the ileum is seen to pass through the cetral part of the tumor shadow.

 Some reference to the literature is also made.

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