Clinical View of Acute Gastric Lesion and Chronic Gastric Ulcer: The causal relationship of acute gastric ulcer and chronic gastric ulcer Y. Okazaki 1 , Y. Oshita 1 , M. Hirata 1 , K. Kawahara 1 , T. Takemoto 1 1The First Department of Internal Medicine, Yamaguchi University School of medicine pp.1463-1471
Published Date 1979/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107816
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 The occurence mechanism of chronic gastric ulcers-acute gastric ulcer and peptic ulcer-which are said to be the most typical of acute gastric lesions was discussed through endoscopic findings. More over, the development of acute gastric ulcer into chronic gastric ulcer was discussed. For acute gastric ulcers, that of the corpus and the antrum were used.

 From the point of endoscopic findings, the morphological differences between the two were evident especially in its early stage and active stage. And including the healing stage and scarring stage, the differences between chronic and acute gastric ulcer were consistent. Therefore, that their occurence mechanism are similar could not be agreed upon. In the case of acute gastric lesion, it took much time for it to heal. Through discussion of an operated case, it was presumed that acute gastric ulcer on the surface of the scar outbroke. Among the acute gastric ulcer cases, recurrence in differing regions were recognized but there were none recurring from the scars in the same regions and no cases where there were repeated recurrences developing into chronic ulcers.

 Specific ulcers were recognized in those under very particular conditions, where factors thought to be the cause lasted, but these were rare gastric ulcers which were neither chronic nor acute.

 According to results from these endoscopic findings and observation of the development of cases, it can not be assumed that the occurence mechanism of acute gastric lesion including gastric ulcering are similar to that of chronic gastric ulcer and that they exist as a previous stage. If such do exist, they are only under very rare conditions.

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