Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 14, Issue 6 (June 1979)

Two Cases of the Ileocecal Tuberculosis: With special references to macroscopic findings of the resected specimens K. Terada 1 , K. Kondo 1 , S. Amamiya 1 , Y. Uchita 2 , Y. Yorimitu 2 , K. Machida 2 , K. Iwata 3 1Dept. of Surgery, Kochi Prefectural Central Hospital 2Dept. of Internal Medicine, Kochi Prefectural Central Hospital 3Dept. of Clinical Pathology, Kochi Prefectural Central Hospital pp.839-843
Published Date 1979/6/25
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 Two cases of the ileocecal tuberculosis with caseation necrosis were studied with special references to macroscopic findings of the resected specimens. 1) Macroscopically, the ileocecal tuberculosis was recognized as the girdle ulcer scars with thickening of the bowel wall which were accompanied with various types of open ulcers, ulcer scars and pseudopolyps. 2) Mucosa around the girdle ulcer scar showed the converging folds with pseudopolyps and edematous hypertrophic folds. 3) Two lesions were all classified as ulcerohypertrophic type. 4) Skip lesions were found apart from ileocecal lesions. They were all irregular round ulcers and classified as ulcerative type without girdle ulcer scar, contrary to the ileocecal lesions.

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14巻6号 (1979年6月)
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