A Case Report of Leiomyoma associated with a Peptic Ulcer in the Same Region of the Stomach M. Yoshitsugu 1 , R. Sassa 1 , O. Kobori 2 , I. Kino 3 , M. Arai 1The Institute for Adult Diseases, Asahi Life Foundation 2The First Depart. of Surgery, Univ. of Tokyo 3The Depart. of Pothology, Univ. of Tokyo pp.1141-1145
Published Date 1976/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107424
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 One case of leiomyoma of the stomach associated with a peptic ulcer in the same region is reported.

 The patient, a 65 years old male, was admitted to our hospital with complaints of epigastralgia and tarry stool. Upper gastrointestinal X-ray series and gastroscopic study demonstrated a gastric ulcer at the lesser curvature of the corpus. Gastric biopsy was negative for malignancy. Subtotal gastrectomy was performed, because the ulcer was very large and deep.

 Gross findings of the resected stomach revealed a chronic ulcer, 3.5×3.0 cm in size (Ul-Ⅳ), and a tumor located beneath the ulcer. Histology proved that the tumor was leiomyoma.

 Gastric leiomyoma is relatively a rare occurrence. The incidence of complication of gastric ulcer with leiomyoma in the same individual was quite infrequent with only a few cases reported in Japan. Another case similar to ours, in which leiomyoma and ulcer were located in the same gastric region, was reported only by Rabinovitch et al.

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