The Applicability of Panendoscopy in Gastric Endoscopy Y. Okazaki 1 1The First Department of Internal Medicine, Yamaguchi University, School of Medicine pp.15-24
Published Date 1984/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106922
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 An evaluation of the use of panendoscopy in gastric endoscopy was made through a study of opinionaires and past experiences.

 With the introduction of the so-called small and medium size diameter tube panendoscope, panendoscopy is now widely used in various investigations such as in examination of the upper GI tract including the stomach. The reason being that compared to the conventional endoscope, it is far superior in handling methods, in observation capabilities, and moreover, it has lessened the discomfort the patient ordinarily experiences during its use. The same result is seen in mass surveys, clinical data, and in questionaires answered by councillors of the Academy of Japanese Gastroenterological Endoscopy.

 Presently, the problems involved in panendoscopy are disadvantageous in viewing the posterior wall of the gastric body and difficulties in recording data. Furthermore, the discomfort experienced by patients are not decreased to a great extent.

 Nevertheless, gastric endoscopy surpasses the x-ray method in presenting information with dimension and tones of color and shows no problems in exposure. Thus certainly, panendoscopy will replace the x-ray in gastric screening examinations in the future.

 However, will improvements in the present apparatus solve the problems panendoscopy presents? In short, the mechanism using mainly glass fibers shows limits. A thorough reconsideration of its structure is required in order to excel in operation, observation, and recording standards, and also in decreasing the discomforts the patients go through.

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