Adenocarcinoma Combined with Localized Inflammatory Polyposis of the Transverse Colon, Report of a Case Yoichi Hashizume 1 1Department of Surgery, Hospital of Nippon Steel Corporation Yawata Works pp.1199-1203
Published Date 1989/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106602
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 This is a case report of a 57-year-old male with mostly superficial spreading adenocarcinoma with inflammatory polyposis of the transverse colon. X-ray and endoscopic examinations showed aggregation of polypoid projections in the mid transverse colon (Figs. 1 and 2). About 15 cm of the colon were resected. Polyps in cord-like shape often with arborization occupied the colon mucosa in extending for about 8 cm, and in that area the colon wall was thickened (Figs. 3 a and 4). Histologically, the slim polyps, occasionally fusing with each other, consisted of the lining mucosa and the fibrous core which often contained the muscularis mucosa on one of its sides. The mucosal layer possessed either almost-intact crypts, hyperplastic crypts with branching, tubular structures lined with columnar cells with atypia (possible cancer cells) or disorganized tubular structures lined partly with definite cancer cells (Figs. 5-7). Cancer cells were mostly present superficially and infiltrated the muscle layer and the subserosa only in some portions of the central area of the lesion (Figs. 3 b and 8). No focus of ulcerating carcinoma was found. It was discussed whether the well-differentiated adenocarcinoma was accompanied with inflammatory polyposis, or arose from inflammatory polyposis.

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