Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis Showing Multiple Polypoid Lesions of the Stomach, Report of a Case masaki Taruishi 1 1The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Asahikawa Medical College Keyword: 好酸球性胃腸炎 , 経腸栄養療法 , 食物アレルギー pp.1451-1456
Published Date 1994/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106029
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 A 13-year-old boy was referred to our department after diagnosis of uncontrolled protein-losing gastroenteropathy. He had been manifesting growth retardation from two years of age, and an iron-deficiency anemia from four years and three months of age. He was admitted to the pediatric department in our hospital at five years of age because of stomachache, diarrhea, and generalized edema. He was diagnosed as having protein-losing gastroenteropathy due to allergic stroenteritis. Since then, he had been treated with anti-allergic medicines and with foods eliminating possible allergens (pork, salmon, soybean oil).Since his general status was unchanged irrespective of this treatment, he was referred to our department for a further examination of his gastrointestinal tract. Laboratory data on admission showed eosinophilia (40% of leukocytes), a high IgE concentration (4,684.5U/ml), and hypoproteinemia (total protein 5.4g/dl, albumin 3.2g/dl). Endoscopic examination showed polypoid lesions with aphthas standing in five longitudinal lines on the gastric antrum. Colonoscopic examination showed extensive mucosal flare, opacity, and increase in lymphoid follicles. Eosinophil infiltration was confirmed by biopsies from both the stomach and colon. With a diagnosis of eosinophilic gastroenteritis due to food allergy, total enteral nutrition therapy (TEN) with Elental® was given for 40 days to get complete elimination of food allergens. TEN led to decrease in eosinophilia, a gain in weight, and increase in serum protein concentration. His general health status has been preserved with foods eliminating allergens two times a day and a nocturnal EN (1,500kcal/day)therapy at home. TEN therapy should be considered in cases of intractable eosinophilic gastroenteritis.

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