A Clinicopathological Study on Gastric Carcinoid Tumors: With Special Reference to Difference of Nodal Metastasis between Tumors with Type A Gastritis and Those with Non-Type A Gastritis Akinori Iwashita 1 1Department of Pathology, Chikushi Hospital, Fukuoka University Keyword: カルチノイド , , リンパ節転移率 , 生物学的悪性度 , 病型分類 pp.1365-1380
Published Date 2000/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104891
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 A clinicopathological study was carried out on 72 cases with typical gastric carcinoid tumors. According to the classification by Rindi et al, those cases were classified as Type Ⅰ(25 cases), Type Ⅲ(36 cases), and unclassified type (11 cases). Comparing of Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅲ, we found that Type Ⅰ had a predilection for multiplicity, small tumor size, shallow depth of invasion and low degree of vascular permeation, but, there was no distinct difference of histological type, i.e., 80% of cases of both Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅲ showed mixed type of Soga's classification. The rate of local lymph node metastasis of Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅲ were 25% and 35.7%, respectively, however, there was no statistically significant difference. The average tumor size of cases with positive lymph node metastasis and those with negative lymph node metastasis were 1.88 cm and 0.73 cm, respectively, with the former lesions being significantly larger. From these results, it was concluded that the biological malignant potentiality of Type Ⅰ, in comparison with Type Ⅲ, was not as low as is presently presumed.

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