Estmation of the Depth of Invasion of the Superficial Type of Colorectal Tumor by Pit Patterns Hiroshi Kawano 1 , Osamu Tsuruta 1 , Mitsutake Fujita 1 , Kazuhiro Fujisaki 1 , Atsushi Toyonaga 1 1Division of Gastroenterology, and Department of Internal Medicine II, Kurume University School of Medicine Keyword: 大腸表面型腫瘍 , pit pattern , desmoplastic reaction , 深達度診断 , 拡大内視鏡 pp.1353-1362
Published Date 1996/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104419
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 The diagnosis of the depth of invasion by pit patterns was evaluted on 275 lesions of the superficial type of colorectal tumor, and the conclusions were summarized as follows : 1) Observation of pit pattern by stereomicroscopic examination showed that all lesions with ⅤA pit pattern accompanied sm2~3 invasion, and lesions with ⅤI pit pattern would have m to sm invasion. Many lesions without ⅤI or ⅤA pit patterns remained within the intramucosal invasion, even when they accompanied sm invasion, most of them were limited within the sm1 invasion. Therefore, pit pattern observation by stereomicroscope was useful for diagnosis of the depth of invasion, especially the existence of ⅤA pit pattern indicated sm invasion. 2) Pit pattern observation with methylen blue dye spraying method by magnifying endoscopic examination may not be useful for diagnosis of the depth of invasion of superficial type of colorectal tumor at this moment, because it was not easy to observe pit pattern of the whole lesion and there was a discrepancy between the results observed by stereomicroscope and those by magnifying endoscopic examination.

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