Indication of Endoscopic Curative Resection for Early Gastric Carcinoma from a Pathologic Point of View Akinori Iwashita 1 1Department of Pothology, Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital Keyword: 早期胃癌 , リンパ節転移 , 内視鏡的切除 pp.265-274
Published Date 1991/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102479
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 Clinicopathologic study on 612 early gastric carcinomas surgically resected was carrled out with special reference to regional lymph node metastasis. The incidence of lymph node metastais was 11.4% (70cases) in all 612 early gastric carcinoma cases, and 2.4% (8cases) in 332 mucosal carcinoma cases and 22.1% (62cases) in 280 submucosal carcinoma cases. The incidence was higher in female cases (17.4%) than in male cases (8.1%), and increased according to the increase oftumor sizes.The incidence of lymph node involvement was high in type I carcinomas (25%) and type Ⅱa十Ⅱ ccarcinoma (18.8%), and was higher in undifferentiated carclnomas (15.2%) than in dlfferentiated carcinoma (9.7%).It increased according to the grade of lymphatic permeation.

 On the other hand, early gastric carcinomas without lymph node metastasis were as follows:(1) early gastric carcinomas of all macroscopic and microscopic types less than 1 cm in dlameter, (2) type Ⅱa carcinomas less than 2 cm in diameter, and (3) protruded type carcinomas of differentiated type less than 2 cm in diameter.

 According to the results obtained, it is indicated that endoscopic resection for early gastric carcmomas is curative in all mucosal carcinomas limited to less than 1 cm in diameter without reference to macroscopic types or microscopic types, and type Ⅱa carcinomas less than 2 cm in diameter.

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