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 Stabilization of the intestine by gripping the intestinal wall with a balloon attached to the distal end of a flexible overtube enables the endoscope to go deeper through the tube by preventing further extension even with bending or looping of the intestine, which is the principle behind the double balloon method. Currently, three types of DBE are available from Fujinon Company; diagnostic type (EN-450P5), therapeutic type (EN-450T5) and a shorter version of the therapeutic type (EC-450BI5). The optimal level of sedation for DBE is conscious sedation, and the use of an electrocardiograph monitor, blood pressure monitor, and pulse oximeter is recommended in all cases. Complications are relatively rare, but some cases of perforation and bleeding have been reported. Occurrence of acute pancreatitis and hyperamylasemia have also been reported after DBE, so over-shortening of the intestine should be avoided.

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