Esophageal Cancer Resembling a Submucosal Tumor with Intraepithelial Spread, Report of a Case Hiroaki Takahashi 1 , Hiroyuki Takamaru 1 , Tokuma Tanuma 1 , Junichi Kodaira 1 , Takeshi Matsumoto 1 , Tomohiko Nakazato 1 , Kaku Hokari 1 , Hiroyuki Tsukagoshi 1 , Yasunori Nishida 2 , Masao Hosokawa 2 , Masahiro Fujita 3 , Toshihiro Satoh 3 , Akimichi Imamura 4 1Department of Internal Medicine, Keiyukai Sapporo Hospital, Sapporo, Japan 2Department of Surgery, Keiyukai Sapporo Hospital, Sapporo, Japan 3Keiyukai Institute of Clinical Pathology, Sapporo, Japan 4Department of Gastroenterology, Sapporo Kosei General Hospital, Sapporo, Japan Keyword: 食道癌 , 粘膜下腫瘍 , 上皮内伸展 pp.1403-1409
Published Date 2007/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101181
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 The patient was a 78-year-old woman who was found to have an esophageal tumor, because of increasing dysphasia about one month ago. Esophagography and endoscopy demonstrated an elevated lesion, measuring as much as 5 cm in size, like a submucosal tumor in the middle thoracic esophagus. Endoscopic examination revealed intraepithelial spread around the elevated lesion. Pathological findings of the biopsied specimen were suggestive of poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Total esophagectomy was performed. Histopathological findings showed poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, which had invaded as deep as the sm3, with vascular invasion and lymph node metastasis. Gross appearance of the resected specimen showed a submucosal tumor-like elevation, which was completely covered with non-neoplastic epithelium and surrounded by the intraepithelial spread. It was considered that its gross appearance was comparatively rare as a squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus.

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