Churg-Strauss Syndrome Kunihiko Aoyagi 1 1Third Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Fukuoka University Keyword: Churg-Strauss症候群 , アレルギー肉芽腫性血管炎 , 血管炎症候群 , 潰瘍 , 消化管穿孔 pp.567-572
Published Date 2003/4/24
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100916
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 Churg-Strauss syndrome (allergic granulomatous angiitis) is clinically characterized by bronchial asthma, eosinophilia and vasculitis. Vasculitis syndrome includes gastrointestinal lesions, mononeuritis multiplex and skin lesions. Gastrointestinal involvement is observed in approximately 50% of patients. Ulcer, erosion or edema are seen in the stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine. Marked erythema is frequently revealed in ulcer margins and erosions. Biopsy specimen demonstrates eosinophil infiltration and vasculitis. Because sudden gastrointestinal perforation increases the the risk of death, the possibility of gastrointestinal involvement of this syndrome should be considered.

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