Infectious Anorectal Disease, Including STD(Sexually Transmitted Disease) Akio Kurokawa 1 , Kosuke Kitsuki 1 , Yukio Kurokawa 1 1Kurokawa Umeda Clinic Keyword: STD , 直腸肛門部病変 , 真菌症 , 尖圭コンジローマ , アメーバ赤痢 pp.1275-1281
Published Date 2003/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100771
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 Though infectious anorectal diseases, especially STD, are tending to increase recently, the mention of these lesions, including STD is very rare in this country. Consequently there are complicated cases of diagnosis and treatment. The overwhelmingly high-frequency disease is fungal infection(73.1%)followed by condyloma acuminatum(11.8%)and herpesvirus infection(10.9%)which are also relatively frequent among the infectious anorectal lesions encountered at our proctological clinic. Recently amebiasis as STD has been increasing noticeably in this country and condyloma lata as syphilis has not yet disappeared. While there is a lot of interest in anorectal diseases as opportunistic infections accompanying AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)in the USA, there are a few reports of these in this country. We have encountered two cases of opportunistic infections recently.

 We were astonished at the results of research showing, in this county, the high frequency of contraction of condyloma acuminatum and amebiasis from same-sex partners and also at the high frequency of contraction of herpes during visits abroad.

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