Pathological Characteristics of Esophageal Cancer Resembling Submucosal Tumor Daisuke Kobayashi 1 , Touichiro Takizawa 1 , Tatsuyuki Kawano 2 , Kenichi Ohashi 3 1The Department of Pathology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University 2The Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical and Dental University 3The Department of Pathology, Tokyo University, Graduate School of Medicine Keyword: 食道癌 , 粘膜下腫瘍 , 組織型 , 生検 pp.1496-1504
Published Date 2003/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100738
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 Nineteen cases of esophageal cancer resembling submucosal tumors(7 cases of submucosal cancer and 12 cases of advanced cancer)were evaluated. Clinicopathological studies revealed they were rather more frequent in females and had a high frequency of lymph node metastasis with histological features different from squamous cell carcinoma. There were also well differentiated squamous cell carcinomas surrounded with fibrosis and poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinomas surrounded with lymphocyte infiltration. Classifying them according to shape or form, three influential factors were noted. First was their original location, second was their interstitial reaction, and third was the character of their histological features. In spite of these unique features, they were able to be correctly diagnosed and there was little difficulty in distinguishing them from submucosal tumors.

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