An Early Gastric Endocrine Cell Carcinoma Detected after Remarkable Metastasis, Exhibiting Features of a Submucosal Tumor, Report of a Case Teiko Nakai 1 , Tozo Hosoi 2 , Akihiko Yamamura 3 1Department of Gastroenterology, Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Cancer Detection Center 2Kasumigaura Institute for Health Evaluation, Ibaraki 3Department of Pathology, Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Cancer Detection Center Keyword: 転移性胃癌 , 粘膜下腫瘍様病変 , 内分泌細胞癌 , 食道胃接合部早期癌 pp.1831-1837
Published Date 2003/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100711
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 Gastric Endocrine Cell Carcinoma is a relatively rare disease. The prognosis of this disease is very poor because of its rapid growth, metastasis and invasion at its early stage. This paper presents a case of gastric endocrine cell carcinoma with remarkable lymph node metastasis. A 55-year-old man was found, during an annual health check at the neighbouring hospital, to have a submucosal tumor-like lesion 40 mm in diameter in the greater curvature of the fornix. He was admitted to our center for more precise examinations because the tumor was suspected of GIST. A IIa+IIc type early gastric cancer located in the esophago-gastric junction was also found. A biopsy from the IIa lesion revealed papillary adenocarcinoma. Total gastrectomy was carried out under a diagnosis of early gastric cancer and GIST. We considered there was no relationship between the two tumors. Histological diagnosis of the resected specimen revealed that it was an endocrine cell carcinoma 3 mm in size occurring concurrently with adenocarcinoma. The submucosal tumor-like lesion was diagnosed as having metastasized to left para cardial lymph-node consisted of endocrine cell carcinoma.

 Remarkable lymphnode metastasis was found before the diagnosis of the primary tumor.

 The case is thought valuable in consideration of characteristics of endocrine cell carcinomas which exhibit a high-malignant potential.

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