Endoscopic Diagnosis for Iodine Unstained Lesion of the Esophagus Yuichi Shimizu 1 , Mototsugu Kato 1 , Junji Yamamoto 2 , Takeshi Yoshida 2 , Jojo Hirota 2 , Yuji Ono 2 , Shouko Ono 2 , Yasufumi Mori 2 , Manabu Nakagawa 1 , Souichi Nakagawa 2 , Masahiro Asaka 2 1Division of Endoscopy, Hokkaido University Hospital 2Third Department of Internal Medicine, Hokkaido University School of Medicine Keyword: 早期食道癌 , ヨード染色 , dysplasia , 異形成 , 上皮内癌 pp.176-182
Published Date 2006/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100270
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The ability to detect early squamous neoplasia of the esophagus can be enhanced considerably by iodine staining during endoscopic examination. Endoscopic screening with iodine staining for high-risk populations is recommended in order to detect early squamous lesions of the esophagus. High-risk populations have been reported to be men who are heavy smokers and heavy drinkers and patients with other current or prior primary cancers. The normal epithelium is stained by iodine, which interacts with glycogen present in the tissue. Carcinomas containing no glycogen remain unstained and are thus clearly demarcated from the surrounding normal mucosa. According to the WHO classification, intraepithelial squamous neoplasia is graded as high-grade(HGN)when both architectural and cytological abnormalities occur in the upper half of the epithelium, so HGN will be observed as an iodine unstained area with pink color. By using the pink color sign as an index of HGN or invasive squamouc cell carcinoma for iodine unstained flat lesions of the esophagus, we were able to obtain good diagnostic results(sensitivity 90 %, specificity 94 %). The pink color sign is useful especially in patients with esophageal mucosa showing many minute iodine unstained areas(scattered type).

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