BSC with Characteristic Vascular Pattern by Magnifying Endoscopy, Report of a Case Akihisa Tomori 1 1Gastroenterology, Saku Central Hospital Keyword: 類基底細胞癌 , 腺様嚢胞癌 , 拡大内視鏡 , 血管構築像 pp.397-402
Published Date 2005/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100049
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A 69-year-old male underwent esophagogastroscopy. A flat elevated lesion with central depression was observed on the middle esophagus. The color of the oral part was strongly red and magnifying endoscopy showed loop-shaped irregular vessels(part A). The color of the anterior part was moderately red and there were some depressed a-vascular areas with unusual surrounding vessels(part B).

 Histologically, regenerative vessels caused by erosion were observed on the surface of part A and SCC had invaded to the sm2. The vessels of part A observed with magnifying endoscopy were different from those of the part where SCC had invaded the submucosa. So, the loop-shaped vessels were considered to be regenerative vessels.

 Microscopic findings of part B revealed the exposure of BSC nests with few vessels and there were large vessels between the BSC nests. A-vascular areas of part B observed with magnifying endoscopy corresponded to the BSC nests and the unusual vessels surrounding a-vascular areas corresponded to the vessels between the BSC nests. Therefore, these findings with magnifying endoscopy were considered as the characteristic findings of BSC.

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