Signs of Exacerbation of Heart Failure Detected by Family Caregivers of the Heart Failure Elderly with Dementia Masumi Taguchi 1 , Sachiko Hara 2 , Mitsumi Ono 2 , Masahiro Hino 2 1Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital 2School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University Keyword: 高齢者 , 認知症 , 慢性心不全 , 家族 , elderly , dementia , chronic heart failure , family caregiver pp.42-50
Published Date 2017/1/31
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 The purpose of the present study is to clarify the signs of exacerbation of heart failure detected by family caregivers of the heart failure elderly with dementia. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 family caregivers living with demented elderly persons suffering from chronic heart failure. The details of the interviews were analyzed in a qualitative and descriptive manner. Consequently, as the signs of exacerbation of heart failure detected by the family caregivers, the following three categories were extracted: ‘presence of visible physical changes’, ‘having difficulty in speaking, dressing and moving’, and ‘appearance of physical disorder in the patient's own manner’. Family caregivers living with patients who were having difficulty in recognizing and indicating their intentions could detect signs of exacerbation of heart failure. These signs were minor changes or subtle differences that only the family caregivers knowing the patients' daily speech habits and living conditions could notice. Taking a collaborative approach with family caregivers, we should confirm the patient-specific signs of exacerbation of heart failure detected by family caregivers. In this manner, we should provide appropriate support that prompts patients to visit a hospital and prevent aggravation of heart failure.

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