Journal of Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing Volume 30, Issue 3 (December 2016)

Elements of How Older Patients with Metastatic Cancer Come to “Nattoku” with Treatment Yoshie Imai 1 , Chiemi Onishi 1 , Takae Bando 1 1Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University Graduate School Keyword: 転移 , 高齢がん患者 , 治療過程 , 納得 , metastasis , older cancer patients , treatment process , coming to “nattoku” pp.19-28
Published Date 2016/12/25
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 The objective of this study was to identify elements of how older patients with metastatic cancer become “nattoku” with treatment. In this study, nattoku was defined as “a state of cognitive and emotional acceptance of treatment” by older cancer patients. A qualitative descriptive study was employed, and semi-structured interviews were carried out with 20 metastatic cancer patients aged 65 years or older who were currently undergoing cancer treatment on their own volition. We extracted six elements that involve becoming nattoku with treatment: a strong intention to save oneself, certainty that the treatment was required in order to live, expectations of the potential of treatment, trusting that they chose the optimum treatment, the desire to give something back to those around them, and accepting to live life to the fullest, even while undergoing treatment. Our results suggested that the values of patients themselves were affected by their treatment status. Also, patients were not solely concerned with their own interests, but sensed the feelings of those around them and took them into consideration. A third characteristic suggested by our findings was their acceptance of treatment, and their attitude towards life and the way in which they have lived. This was characteristic of older patients with advanced illness who were in the final stage of life. These elements were fostered during the lives of older patients with metastatic cancer, and our study suggested that support that encourages patients to commit to a lifestyle and their current circumstances may help them become nattoku with treatment.

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