Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science Volume 27, Issue 2 (June 2007)

Mothers' Happiness in Child Care:Development and Validation of a Measure Yoshiko Shimizu 1 , Shinobu Sekimizu 2 , Toshiko Endo 3 , Fumie Ochiai 4 1Nagano College of Nursing 2Department of Domestic Science, Tohoku Women's College 3Faculty of Medicine, University of Yamanashi 4School of Nursing, University of Shizuoka Keyword: 育児幸福感 , 育児ストレス , 母親 , 尺度の開発 , 尺度の妥当性 , child care happiness , child care stress , mothers , development of a measure , validation of a measure pp.15-24
Published Date 2007/6/20
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 Based on Lazarus's theory, this study focused on positive emotions that mothers feel during childcare and termed those emotions “child-care happiness.” The aims of the study were to develop a multidimensional scale of childcare happiness and to investigate the validity of it. Mothers with children aged six or under completed Childcare Happiness Scale (CHS). A total of 872 valid responses were collected. Construct validity was examined using factor analysis and correlation with the Subjective Well-Being Scale (SWBS), and the Childcare-Related Stress Scale (CRSS). A factor analysis of the CHS yielded eight factors: (1) children's growth and development; (2) hopes and purpose in life; (3) growth as a parent; (4) being needed by children; (5) gratitude to their husbands; (6) new interpersonal relationship; (7) gratitude or comfort from their children; and (8) meaningfulness of childbirth and parenting. Cronbach's alphas were adequate for each sub-scale (α=.768--.867). The results showed that there significantly were positive correlations between SWBS and sub-scales of CHS. On one hand, the correlations between CRSS and CHS were significantly negative and weak on the whole, except “gratitude to their husbands” with “their husbands' support” of CRSS. It was concluded that this CHS should be examined in the next study;however, CHS has good enough validity.

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