Self-management Experience of the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Who is Maintaining Dietary Self-efficacy Kimie Fujita 1 , Midori Matsuoka 1 1Institute of Nursing, Saga Medical School Keyword: 自己効力感 , 糖尿病 , 自己管理 , 看護 , 体験 , Self-efficacy , Diabetes mellitus , Self-management , Nursing , Experience pp.123-130
Published Date 2002/9/15
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 The purpose of this study was clarify its feeling and background of self-management experience of the diabetes mellitus regimen who is dietary self-efficacy maintaining over a long period of time. The subjects were 6 members higher self-efficacy in a self-administered questionnaire. The interview were revealed that patients with diabetes who is maintaining self-efficacy used the style of two self-managements, the severity self-management or a compatible with self-managements was carried out. As its feeling and background of self-management experience which there are seven categories of diabetes regimen catches positively, the satisfaction to self-management ability, diabetes not being all of lives, the satisfaction to social maintenance, the little of the feeling of a burden, the feeling of success achievement of self-management, the threat over complications, and supports it two categories of support from their families and friends and the living environment which is easy to perform regimen were found out. It was suggested that the assistance which can maintain the feeling of success achievement and the satisfaction in QOL from the result of this study suggestion to nursing which raises self-efficacy is important.

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