Relationship between aerodynamic measurements of voluntary cough and aspiration during swallow in dysphagic patients Tatsuyuki Fukuoka 1 , Naoko Kawasaka 1 , Sonoko Nozaki 2 , Shuji Terayama 3 , Yoshihiro Fukuda 3 , Kazuhisa Domen 4 1Division of Rehabilitation, Sasayama Medical Center, Hyogo College of Medicine 2Faculty of Rehabilitation, Hyogo University of Health Sciences 3Department of General Medicine and Community Health Science, Hyogo College of Medicine 4Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hyogo College of Medicine Keyword: 咳嗽 , 空気力学的測定 , 嚥下障害 , 誤嚥 , voluntary cough , aerodynamic measurement , dysphagia , aspiration pp.131-138
Published Date 2011/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001100297
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 The present study examines aerodynamically measured voluntary cough and its relationship with aspiration during swallow in dysphagic patients. We enrolled 24 male patients with dysphagia (mean age:73.0 years) who were examined by videofluorography and 17 healthy males (mean age:69.4 years) as a control group. We measured voluntary cough parameters including inspiratory phase duration, inspiratory peak flow, compression phase duration, expiratory rise time, expiratory peak flow, and cough volume acceleration. We compared the control and dysphagic groups, then separated the dysphagic group into non-aspiration and aspiration groups using a penetration-aspiration scale, and finally compared voluntary cough parameters between them. All parameters, except inspiratory and compression phase durations, differed significantly between the dysphagic and control groups. In addition, the aspiration group had prolonged expiratory increase times, depressed expiratory peak flow, and decreased cough volume acceleration when compared with the non-aspiration group. Voluntary cough decreased in the dysphagic group, and we considered that a disordered expiratory phase was specifically related to aspiration.

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