A case of port sight hernia after robot-assisted rectal resection Masahiro HADA 1 , Kazuyoshi MITTA 1 , Hiroyuki TANAKA 1 , Yosuke KATO 1 , Masanori KOTAKE 1 , Takuo HARA 1 1Department of Surgery, Koseiren Takaoka Hospital Keyword: ロボット支援下手術 , ロボット支援下直腸切除術 , ポートサイトヘルニア pp.397-401
Published Date 2021/9/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200938
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 A 65-year-old woman underwent robot-assisted rectal resection for rectal cancer. A drain was withdrawn on the third postoperative day. Vomiting appeared on the fifth postoperative day. Abdominal computed tomography (CT) showed bowel obstruction due to incarceration of the small intestine at the site of the 8-mm port without drainage tube in the upper right abdomen. An urgent operation with a diagnosis of port site hernia (PSH) was performed. After the aponeurosis was opened, a strangulated small intestine was observed in the free space under the aponeurosis.

 It was concluded that one of the factor of PSH was long surgery time, the port site was damaged by performing robot docking multiple times, and suturing of all abdominal wall layers including the peritoneum was necessary at the time of port site closure.

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