Patterns of Pain Referral of Patients with Pain due to Osteoarthritis of the Hip Tadatsugu Morimoto 1 , Masamori Shigematsu 1 , Motoki Sonohata 1 , Masaaki Mawatari 1 , Takao Hotokebuchi 1 1Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,Faculty of Medicine,Saga University Keyword: 変形性股関節症(osteoarthritis of the hip) , 疼痛領域(pain location) , 股関節痛(hip pain) pp.1193-1195
Published Date 2009/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1408101637
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 The features of pain in patients with ostearthritis of the hip (HOA) have never been well documented in detail. The present study was designed to assess the patterns of pain referral in patients presenting with pain associated with HOA. Among the 138 patients with pain due to HOA treated by primary total hip arthroplasty the location of the pain was the groin in 92 patients (67%),the greater trochanter in 84 (61%),the buttocks in 75 (54%),the anterior and lateral thigh in 22 (16%),and the leg in 9 (7%). The pain associated with HOA tends to occur in three major areas around the hip:the groin,the greater trochanter,and the buttocks. However,we could not identify particular areas of pain associated with HOA. The fact that pain occasionally also occurs in the leg confirms the potential difficulty of assessing patients who present with both hip pain and back pain.

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