International Normalized Ratio (INR) for Optimal Anticoagulant Therapy Yoshio Uetsuka 1 , Takaaki Katsuki 1 , Masahiko Aosaki 1 , Kazunori Iwade 1 , Akimasa Hashimoto 1 , Hitoshi Koyanagi 1 , Muneyasu Saito 2 , Yoshio Yaginuma 2 , Saichi Hosoda 2 1The Heart Institute of Japan, Tokyo Women's Medical College 2Department of Cardiology, Omiya Medical Center, Jichi Medical School Keyword: INR , ワーファリン療法 , 血栓塞栓症 , warfarization , thromboembolism pp.885-890
Published Date 1993/9/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404900737
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Optimal therapeutic ranges for an oral anticoagulant therapy has been discussed for many years. Prothrom-bin time, prothrombin time ratios (PTR) and throm-botest have been employed so far, but, recently, Interna-tional Normalized Ratio of prothrombin time (PT-INR or INR) has been introduced. We investigated paying special interest to INR, the effectiveness of oral anticoagulant therapy in 170 prosthetic valve patients and in 157 patients with various cardiovascular diseases who received warfarin at two different centers.

The thrombotest, prothrombin time and INR were measured at follow-up visits every month.

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