Smoking Cessation Using Varenicline:Analysis of Factors Correlated with Maintaining Abstinence Rate Shinji Okazaki 1 , Keiichi Ueda 2 1Okazaki Clinic 2Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Health Care Center Keyword: 禁煙治療 , バレニクリン , 高血圧 , varenicline , hypertension , weight gain pp.491-495
Published Date 2014/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404102480
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 It is widely known that smoking cessation contributes to the improvement of respiratory function;however, metabolism and circulatory function are adversely affected by weight gain after smoking cessation, which may be a concern. In this study, we analyzed the influence of smoking cessation on blood pressure and weight gain. We assessed the effect of smoking cessation on blood pressure and weight gain in 310 participants who received varenicline to induce smoking cessation from August 2008 to June 2013. Participants’ weight, body mass index(BMI), systolic blood pressure(SBP), and diastolic blood pressure(DBP)were measured before and after smoking cessation, and they were divided into two groups:hypertension(n=72)and non-hypertension group(n=238). The average abstinence rate was 71%(220/310)overall, 68.1%(49/72)in the hypertension group, and 71.8%(171/238)in the non-hypertension group. The abstinence rate between the hypertension and the non-hypertension groups was not statistically significant. Compared to the participants who did not succeed in smoking abstinence, those who did, showed a significantly greater increase in weight(p=0.04)and BMI(p=0.045). Further, in the hypertension group, the successful abstainers showed a statistically greater decrease in SBP(p=0.005)and DBP than those who did not succeed(p=0.01), whereas all the participants in the non-hypertension groups showed no statistical changes in SBP(p=0.58)and DBP(p=0.86). Therefore, successful abstainers in the hypertension group showed a greater decrease in blood pressure despite weight gain.

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