A CASE OF ATYPICAL EPITHELIUM OF THE STOMACH Yasuaki Ikeda 1 1The second Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Nagasaki University pp.1391-1395
Published Date 1968/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110703
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 With the development of diagnostic procedures in diseases of the stomach, the number of cases with atypical epithelial focus has recently increased. Some cases hard to be determined whether they are of malignant nature belong to the atypical epithelial foci of the stomach.

 Here is a report of such a case suspected of early gastric cancer by gastrofiberscopic examination.

 The patient, a 66 years old male, visited our clinic with epigastric pain of two months' duration. There were no significant changes in the stomach by barium meal examination. Gastrofiberscopically a small mucosal elevation, slightly discolored on the surface, was demonstrated on the posterior wall of the corpus, and naturally early gastric cancer (type Ⅱa) was suspected.

 The brushing cytology under direct vision indicated class Ⅳ. The specimens taken by gastroscopic biopsy showed atypical epithelium.

 The histologicaol study of surgically resected stomach indicated atypical epithelium because the border of mucosal elevation showed gradual transition to the normal tissues, although structural and cellular atypism was evident.

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