A Proposed Classification of Reflux Esophagitis with Special Reference to the Endoscopic Aspects Teruo Kouzu 1 , Hideo Yamada 1 , Shin-ichi Miyazaki 1 , Seiji Yoshimura 1 1The Second Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Chiba University Keyword: 逆流性食道炎の重症度分類 , 食道潰瘍 , Barrett食道 , 下部食道機能 , 食道炎 pp.1003-1008
Published Date 1992/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109970
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 Endoscopic classification of the Reflux Esophagitis was issued from Japanese Society of Esophageal Diseases in 1973. According to this classification, reflux esophagitis is graded into three types, namely; discoloring type, erosive and/or ulcerative type and uneven type. Following the issue of this classification, with the advance of endoscopic examination, it has been necessary to discriminate erosion and ulceration in this disease in more detail. This more detailed classification is required because an increasing number of cases has provided new knowledge about the disease, choices of treatment vary according to classification, and judgement about the efficacy of treatment should be related to classifications. A long-continued history of this disease is often associated with Barrett's esophagus. With this in mind, we propose the following classification. Grade Ⅰ: a linear lesion detectable only with an iodine dyeing method. Grade Ⅱ: a change of color of the esophageal mucosa (muddy white change, redness), protruding, thickness. Grade Ⅲ: a linear erolion. Grade Ⅳ: a branch-or map-like erosion. Grade Ⅴ: an ulceration or stenosis near or around the esophago-gastric junction. Grade Ⅵ: Barrett's esophagus. An additional remark of“ a” is noted in the case with a less than 5 cm-long lesion, and “b” in more than 5 cm-long; e.g. the case with a 7 cm-long branch-like erosion is mentioned as Grade Ⅳb. When we discuss this disease, a unified standard of estimation is necessary, we present one idea for grading this disease.

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