A Case of the Malignant Change of Gastric Polyp N. Iwao 1 , T. Ishii 1 , K. Yasuoka 1 , S. Okuda 2 , K. Taniguchi 2 1Ashiya City Hospital 2The Center for Adult Diseases pp.1347-1354
Published Date 1973/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108493
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 The reports on the malignant change of benign gastric polyps, are not a few, but there is considerable variation in the rate of the malignant changes according to the reporters, ranging from 0 to 66.8%. This variation considerably comes from the difference of the definition or the histological criteria. According to the recent follow-up studies with the biopsies, however, the malignant change can be said “exceptional”. We think it of interest, therefore, to report this exceptional case of gastric polyp-cancer which we recently experienced. In this case, a benign gastric polyp had already been pointed by barium meal roentgenologically 12 years prior to the first biopsic study which showed it benign, and the third repeated biopsic examination showed malignant change which proved by the histopathologic studies of resected specimens.

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